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Newsletters unlike anything you know

Newsletter Magnet allows you to receive and read beautiful newsletters in a way that was previously impossible.

Instead of the regular, boring email newsletters you’re already familiar with, newsletters you receive through Newsletter Magnet are capable of containing rich, engaging elements such as:

Rich text format including over 70 different font styles

Embedded Video and Podcast audio player

SoundCloud embedded player

Embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos

Embedded social media posts including Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Google Maps, letting you use a map in the newsletter

... and more

With all these features and more, it’s safe to say that Newsletter Magnet is bringing about a revolution in newsletters. Never again will you have to subscribe to a newsletter not knowing what you might get. Every single newsletter ever created through Newsletter Magnet will beat expectations.

Sick of receiving so many annoying email newsletters?

Have you grown tired of having to search for that tiny “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of subscription emails? Say goodbye to those bothersome features of newsletters and say hello to Newsletter Magnet.

Newsletter Magnet doesn’t require your email address to sign up. Instead, you can begin receiving high-quality newsletters just by using the Newsletter Magnet app. Newsletter Magnet is a platform that brings newsletters to the next level.

With the Newsletter Magnet aggregator app, you can enjoy engaging newsletters without the hassle associated with typical email subscription services. Newsletter Magnet represents a revolutionary new standard in the distribution of newsletters.

Unsubscribe with a Click

Unsubscribing to a newsletter has never been easier. All it takes is one click in the Newsletter Magnet app and you will never have to see that pesky newsletter again. When newsletters do not meet your expectations, you don’t have to do anything more than click. None of the hassle associated with trying to unsubscribe from traditional newsletters exists with Newsletter Magnet.

Enjoy your Newsletter Feed

Newsletter Magnet has its own dedicated and independent newsletter feed. This feed is nothing like the email newsletters you have become accustomed to. With Newsletter Magnet newsletters, you can:

  • ✔️  Get new deals and special offers from retail or online merchants
  • ✔️  Stay up-to-date on the most recent news and updates from your chosen sources
  • ✔️  Read interest content from your favorite blogs and websites
  • ✔️  Gain access to restricted content from sites you subscribe to

With Newsletter Magnet, you can open a newsletter from your Newsletter Magnet feed and read the whole thing in the app. Newsletter Magnet offers newsletters with higher content quality in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Our newsletters are more appealing visually and more user-friendly to interact with.